Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cosford Success and Yet One More Show

Alan, now official CBK Showman, and Tom did a great job of setting up the display at RAF Cosford for the Shropshire model show last Sunday. I wondered in, eventually, after having to catching several trains, and let them free to go for a wonder. They were already tired from a busy start of the day. Despite our pitch being at down the end of a row we caught people's attention and had steady traffic throughout the day. It was glorious weather outside and as well as modellers there were the general public who had visited the museum and got the added bonus of a free model show. Also a massive biker's rally on the airfield swelled numbers still further.

The light and airy surroundings made for a really pleasant show and it was well past the official end of the show before we packed up.

Alan buzzing with excitement contacted IPMS Farnborough and we can now confirm that Classic Box Art display will be making a final appearance at Modelfest 2012 on the 22nd September.

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