Saturday, December 24, 2011

Classi British Box Art in SAMI

January 2012 (Vol18 No1) issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International contains a full report of our success Classic British Box Art display at Scale Model World in Telford. We've squeezed in pictures of all the models so be sure to check it out!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Classic British Box Art Rocks Scale Model World

The Classic British Box Art display definitely hit the right note with our fellow modellers and general public as we had masses of positive feedback for our idea and execution. If you were one of those people then thank you, it was very much appreciated!


We were also blogged about here:

The Modelling News

Friday, April 29, 2011

The UAMF is Moving!

From the 1st May 2011 the Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum is moving to a new site and the CBK SIG is moving with them. The new forum is hosted by the UAMF which means we have much more control over it and can add new features more easily. An effort has been made to keep the same look and feel of the old Forumer based site so everything should seem familiar. The UAMF URL now points to the new site which will be open for new registrations from the 1st May. The old site will be kept open until 1st June at which point it will be frozen and maintained as an archive of our old posts,

A huge effort has been made by many UAMF members to copy over important information from the old forum and the new site features a comprehensive Hints&Tips FAQ covering all areas of model making.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UAMF Up and Running

As of this morning UK time it looks like the UAMF server is back up and running. In fact at the moment it the site is running faster than it has done for the last month. We are still cautious though as we do not know if the problems have been permanently resolved.

Thank you for your patience!

Monday, April 4, 2011

UPDATE: UAMF Techincal Problems

We've received word that technical support are working to resolve the problems with numerous servers including to one that UAMF runs on.

UAMF Techincal Problems

The servers that run UAMF have been running slowly over the last couple of weeks but this weekend we've suffered from almost no access at all, though the server report being up. The technical support has been repeatedly contacted over the last 48hrs about the issues with no reply yet as to the problem. Hopefully with the start of the working week things will get sorted shortly. I'll post again when I know more.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Classic Plastic" in Scale Aviation Modeller International

I very pleased to inform you all that in this month's SAMI (April 2011) is the first instalment of "Classic Plastic", a new section brought to you by our very own Paul Bradley:

This is a very exciting project for me and, I hope, for you as well. The column represents a new venture for SAMI – a section especially devoted to classic kits. Each month, I’ll be taking a look at the world of classic kits, with, I hope, the help of my friends at the UAMF, and at the Classic British Kits SIGS, both UK and US branches. It is my hope that this column will resonate with you, the membership, as many of us started our hobby building the type of kits I intend to feature in Classic Plastic.

This is wonderful news for those of us who don't believe that raised panel lines renders a kit unbuildable and enjoy building simple kits that don't come broken into 500 parts so every version can be catered for. It represents a great investment by SAMI in a large part of the hobby community that is more than happy to build classic kits whether from their stash or in new boxings.

If you have just found us after reading the first part of "Classic Plastic" then welcome and feel free to let us know what you think. If you'd like to get involved and have a passion for British kits I would like to invite you to sign up to the CBK, further details in the side panel.

As Paul states CBK and UAMF members will be involved in future articles but classic kits of all nationalities are suitable subject matter, so if Heller Cadets or old Aurora biplanes are your thing get in touch with Paul (paul AT You can read more from Paul about what is planned for future issues here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Huddersfield Northern Model Show 2010

The CBK SIG put rolled out the 101 GEMS display for the Huddersfield Model Show on the 20th Feb 2011. Unfortunately there wasn't enough room to show all the models so it was near 50.5 GEMS. It was a great show as you can see very busy and almost every table crowded with models of all sorts. A big thank you to the guys who manned the table throughout the day. Once again we were busily engaged chatted to fellow modellers and the public.

More pictures and comment on the UAMF here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Matchbox Wellington Group Build

Soon to be starting on the UAMF is a fantastic group build of the lovely old Matchbox Wellington bomber. It going to start the 1st February and run till the end of March so if fancy joining in get your wellies on and march over to the UAMF and sign up! Or just cheer from the side lines here.

Go on, give it some Wellie!

Friday, January 7, 2011

CBK SIG Newsletter 2010 #3

The latest Newsletter exclusive to members is out now. Articles cover post-SMW 2010 roundup and look ahead to the display for next year's show and beyond. This issue's featured build is the FROG Fairey Delta 2.

Anyone who signs up to CBK SIG this month will get the latest newsletter.