Friday, April 29, 2011

The UAMF is Moving!

From the 1st May 2011 the Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum is moving to a new site and the CBK SIG is moving with them. The new forum is hosted by the UAMF which means we have much more control over it and can add new features more easily. An effort has been made to keep the same look and feel of the old Forumer based site so everything should seem familiar. The UAMF URL now points to the new site which will be open for new registrations from the 1st May. The old site will be kept open until 1st June at which point it will be frozen and maintained as an archive of our old posts,

A huge effort has been made by many UAMF members to copy over important information from the old forum and the new site features a comprehensive Hints&Tips FAQ covering all areas of model making.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UAMF Up and Running

As of this morning UK time it looks like the UAMF server is back up and running. In fact at the moment it the site is running faster than it has done for the last month. We are still cautious though as we do not know if the problems have been permanently resolved.

Thank you for your patience!

Monday, April 4, 2011

UPDATE: UAMF Techincal Problems

We've received word that technical support are working to resolve the problems with numerous servers including to one that UAMF runs on.

UAMF Techincal Problems

The servers that run UAMF have been running slowly over the last couple of weeks but this weekend we've suffered from almost no access at all, though the server report being up. The technical support has been repeatedly contacted over the last 48hrs about the issues with no reply yet as to the problem. Hopefully with the start of the working week things will get sorted shortly. I'll post again when I know more.