Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Airfix Mosquito Group Build

Another CBK single kit Group Build has started on UAMF. This time the Wooden Wonder - Airfix's 1/72 DH Mosquito. If you want to join in just sign up to the forum and introduce yourself.

Huddersfield Show Report

The Huddersfield Model Show unfortunately suffered due the snow we had that weekend. Two of members having a miserable time after breaking down on the way. I got their text before I left the house and imagined spending the day sat behind the dozen kits which I had. Thankfully Bruce made it!

A number of SIGs/Branches and traders failed to make including Aeroclub and Kits Kits. I think there were about 15-20% missing. Unfortunately the weather, which stopped snowing and had started to melt by 11am, had a much bigger impact on visitor numbers. These were well done on last year (which was very successful) and I hope don't jeopardise future events!

Bruce and I however mange to fill the table (~6' wide by 5' deep) nicely, the plinth I'd built turned out to the idea size. I have to say from the start of the day till it started to run down at 3.30pm we had a steady stream of interested punters who wanted to share their memories and revel in the days of classic modelling - we even influenced Rob Monfea who came back to show us his newly purchased Novo boxing of the Swordfish. The leaflets proved popular and I think we've encouraged more than a few to have a look at the website.

It was also great to meet Jamyz Hatstand and Mafoo_white who were encouraged to add a few Frogs to the Tamigawa purchases - a couple of donated kits found their way into their eager mitts, new disciples!

As you may know the the lighting at Hudds is not great for taking pics and I only had time to capture our stand.




Thanks to anyone who managed to came along to have chat glad you enjoyed the display and I hope we've encouraged a few of you to finally get them Frogs built!